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Wow, Our New Baby Pictures

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, April 22, 2011,
Medical technology is amazing. Today, surgery that used to be done with a scalpel is now done with a laser. My little brother recently had laser eye surgery and is very satisfied with the results. All the technology has actually created a few ethical dilemmas for end of life care as families and doctors try to determine how much to intervene to keep a terminal patient alive.


Although ethical dilemmas at the end of life have increased, the new technology has helped to answer many question...

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Grace For The Mess of Sin

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, April 8, 2011,
We have three little boys who all share one room. That means that not only do all three sleep there, but there are also three dressers and clothes for three boys all in one room. The two oldest ones are just learning how to dress themselves, so as they search for clothes, they can often create a lot of disarray. Further they often drag things into their room that don’t belong there. Lets face it, the nursery becomes a mess.


Well, my wife decided to tackle that mess. She put everything ...

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