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Submission’s Humble Virtue

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, January 28, 2011,
Our two oldest boys like candy. They really love the suckers that they are given at the bank. In fact, when I went online to check my account, once the picture of our local bank came on the computer screen, our toddler pointed and said “sucker.” He has already connected the bank with candy and really likes going there.


As I am writing, my wife was getting ready to go to the new yarn shop open house and was talking about the coffee and cookies. That same little guy piped up, “coffee ...

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Lessons From a Baby’s Joy

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, January 14, 2011,
Our little baby is starting to grow up.  We got so excited when he rolled over for the first time and now he is able to scoot around and get wherever he wants to go.  Since my office is right in the parsonage, he often ends up crawling under my desk and playing at my feet.
As the rest of us were eating breakfast this morning, he was laying on the floor, happily exploring his surroundings.  Suddenly our three year old exclaimed, “oh, oh, baby!” as he pointed at the little guy playing with ...
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