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Don't Pull up New Believers

Posted by Jerry Miller on Thursday, June 30, 2011,
Early this spring, my oldest son helped us plant the garden.  As he saw us hoeing the ground, he wanted to do the same, but we warned him not to hoe the ground we had already planted.  Once the plants started to grow, we had a whole new problem- weeds.  As I started to pull weeds, my young helper saw what I was doing and like so many little boys, he copied his father.  Unfortunately, instead of pulling a weed, he pulled a newly sprouted zucchini.  
Sometimes we as Christians are like little ...
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An Object Lesson to Remember

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, June 17, 2011,
When we lived in Albert Lea, my friend Steve would open the Sunday School with intriguing object lessons.  He might brings some kitchen utensils or other items to drive home important Biblical truth.  I do not have Steve’s talent for such things.  I once did an object lesson with a flashlight for a group, but more often my object lessons are impromptu.  For example, my boys might come up to me with their toys and I will use the toys to teach them some lesson, or I might be on a job site and...
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A True Love Relationship

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, June 3, 2011,
Through the years, I have watched other couples.  It seemed like so many relationships were forced.  It was like the two people didn’t even like each other, but they stayed together because they figured the other person could advance their popularity.  Then I saw other couples where it was as if God had placed them together (I believe He did) and no one could pull them apart.  That is what I found when I met my wife. 
As I reflect on relationships, it seems that so many of them are based o...
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