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Mystery in the Lake Bottom

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, October 21, 2011,
My brother and I recently went out to the family farm and dug up some field tile.  These were lines that had been in the ground for many years.  We were amazed to find that the cement tile looked like they had just been installed.  We found something even more amazing as we were digging on the other end of the field.  There was a hole in the ground that looked like it had been caused by a tile washout (often when there is a large break in the tile it will wash away the dirt above it causing a...
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Are You Known as a Hater?

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, October 14, 2011,
I recently watched multiple interviews with members of the Westboro Baptist Church.  This is the group that goes around to protest military funerals.  I was struck with the hatred that those being interviewed had for others.  Since we both share the title “Baptist”, I felt it was important to respond.
Though First Baptist in Bancroft, and Westboro Baptist, both have “Baptist” in our names we have no common affiliations.  In order to call itself a Baptist church, an organization does n...
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A New Outlook on Revival

Posted by Jerry Miller on Sunday, October 2, 2011,
I decided to write this article because I have some concerns about revival.  Now before I go farther, please let me state that I am not opposed to revival.  In fact, I am praying that this country would have a revival.  When I say that, I mean a REAL revival, not just worldly sorrow over the consequences of sin.
My thoughts about revival have changed somewhat since preaching through the Old Testament books of Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, and then Judges.  As the children of Israel were led out of...
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