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Do Not Be Easily Offended

Posted by Jerry Miller on Sunday, December 30, 2012,
My grandpa Miller lost his left arm in a farming accident.  The earliest memories I have of him are of a man with one arm.  He was quite industrious with that one arm.  He would carry a vise grip in his pocket, clip it to the bottom of one side of his jacket and then use the weight of that tool to hold it down as he zipped it up.
One day he was helping build an addition on my uncles barn when a neighbor stopped over.  The neighbor wasn’t as tactful as he probably should have been and asked ...
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Looking Forward to Christmas

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, December 14, 2012,
Around Thanksgiving time, our boys started to ask us how many days it was until Christmas.  With 3 of our 4 boys old enough to talk, we got tired of answering that question, so finally Crystal made a chain out of construction paper that we hung from the ceiling and we let the boys take turns taking a link off each day.  Now when they want to know how long it is before Christmas, they can just look at the chain.
Today Christmas is looked upon with much anticipation- especially among children w...
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