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How Does God Speak to Us?

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, February 24, 2012,
Have you ever heard a voice from above that gave you a powerful message?  Let me share my experience.  When I just a kid, I was out in the hog house doing chores and as I walked out of the building I heard this voice from above that said, “Shake baby shake, I said shake baby shake!”  Since no one else was around, I was a bit inclined to tremble/shake a bit, but then I looked over to where Dad had parked the semi just a few feet away from the hog house.  I then realized that when he had sh...
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Should We Horde The TV?

Posted by Jerry Miller on Monday, February 13, 2012,
My wife has been decluttering- getting rid of things that we seldom use so that we do not become like the people on that hoarders show.  The only time we have seen Hoarders is when we have been away from home or watched it on the internet, because we do not have TV reception in our house.  Thus as my wife has been decluttering, she has suggested getting rid of the TV.  I have argued that without the TV, we could not watch anymore VCR tapes.  Of course if we got rid of the TV, we would not hav...
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