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God Will Keep His Promises

Posted by Jerry Miller on Friday, March 23, 2012,
Life is full of unexpected events.  Some are pleasant, and some are stressful.  Recently we had what could’ve been a stressful event turn into an opportunity to spend more time with family.  After visiting my mother, the alternator quit working on our vehicle.  Fortunately we were only about 15 miles from her house when we became stranded so she was able to come and pick us up and the boys got to spend another night at grandma’s until we could get the new part the next morning. 
It reall...
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I Want You To Meet Someone

Posted by Jerry Miller on Thursday, March 8, 2012,
Imagine that you had a single sister and you  also had a friend who wanted to date her.  Your sister had never met this friend so you began to tell her about him.  You told her that he did not have a job because he was too lazy and that was the same reason that he was about 100 pounds overweight.  Further, he was rude and a real bully.  Besides, he was a liar who would cheat anyone he came in contact with.  Unless your sister was a total fool, she would not be interested in starting a relatio...
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