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Why Do We Have New Bible Translations?

Posted by Jerry Miller on Wednesday, March 20, 2013,
The other day I was driving down the road with my two oldest boys.  Suddenly, the four year old got all excited and pointed, “Look a Christmas goat.”  He was pointing at a lawn ornament of a deer with antlers. 
I get a chuckle out of his attempts at mastering the English language.  A few weeks earlier he had told me that he wanted Mommy to make “grease juice.”   I said, “You mean gravy?”  “Yes, gravy, “ he replied. 
Those of us who have been talking for more than three years...
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Do You Value God's Word?

Posted by Jerry Miller on Thursday, March 7, 2013,
Imagine if you built an expensive display case out of beautifully polished oak, padded the inside with the most expensive velvet fabric you could find, and enclosed in with a beveled glass door.  Then you placed your Bible in that case showing to all who entered your home how important God’s word was to you.
If you really value God’s word, you would not keep it in such a case.  Instead, you would take it out and read it, but what if you read it, but never let it affect your life?  When it...
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